Get a Complete Picture of Your Hearing Health

Full Hearing Test & Assessment

If you have any concerns about your hearing health, it is wise to see our audiologist to get a full hearing test & assessment. What you'll get:

    • Experienced, qualified & caring audiologist

    • Highly accurate & reliable assessment

    • Audiological report to your doctor/medical specialist

    • Appropriate treatment & management option

    To ensure our quality of care, please allow about 60 minutes for our audiologist to carry out a thorough and detailed assessment for your hearing health.

    Sounds good? Contact us today to book a full hearing assessment.

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      Detection of Hearing Loss Type

      You might know that you have a hearing loss, but how mild or severe is it? Multiple clinically-proven techniques and instruments are used in the full hearing test & assessment to determine the extent, type, and specifics of your particular hearing loss.

      Identify the Best Course of Action

      Hearing aids are not the only solutions for treating hearing loss. Some types of hearing loss can be treated medically, while some have to be treated surgically. A full hearing test will give our audiologist important information to help determine the best course of action for treatment.

      Identify Suitable Hearing Aids Type

      If your particular hearing loss requires the use of hearing aids, you have a wide range of hearing aids styles and types to choose from. Which one works best for your hearing loss? A full hearing test can determine what types of hearing aids would work well for your hearing profile.

      Communication with Your Doctor

      Hearing loss is not just affecting your hearing, it affects many other aspects of your health too. After every hearing test, our audiologist will write a detailed audiology report in regards to your hearing health condition. This way your doctor is kept in loop with any progress and recommendation.


      "Shuey and DK are wonderful poeple to deal with if you are having hearing issues. They are attentive and helpful and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough! Thanks guys for all your help in the past and will looking forward to dealing with you guys for many years to come."
      Mr Graham S. from Croydon North


        "Everything about Ivory Hearing was friendly, efficient and professional. When I visited my GP for a follow up, he said he’d be recommending people see Shuey as her reports were comprehensive and professional. I would highly recommend Ivory Hearing."
        Mrs Michelle K. from Eltham


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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Q: Does your audiologist test kids' hearing?

        A: Our audiologist is a university degree-qualified audiologist, and an accredited member of the Audiological Society of Australia. We can test kids over 7 years old and all adults. Kids younger than 7 years old require a different set up for hearing test.

          Q: How often should I get my hearing tested?

          A: We recommend you to get your hearing tested every year to keep an eye on any changes. If you have hearing loss or wear hearing aids, we recommend you to get a hearing test every 6 months for more accurate adjustment.

          Q: Can I just get a free hearing test instead?

          A: You can. Free hearing test is good at letting you know if you have any hearing loss. However, to find out more about your hearing health, a full hearing test and assessment is recommended. If your free hearing test showed any issue, please contact us for a full hearing test.

          Q: Are full hearing test & assessment bulk billed?

          If you are a pensioner/veteran, or you get a referral letter from Ears, Nose Throat (ENT) specialist or Neurosurgeon, the full hearing test and assessment is subsidised. You can check also with your private health insurance for any rebate.

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