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Advanced Hearing Aids Fitting

If you are experiencing hearing loss, and need an audiologist's help to hear your best, you have come to the right place. Our audiologist will guide you through 5 key steps, and you will get the right hearing aids tailored specially for you.

    5 Key Steps for Your Hearing Satisfaction

    • Understand Your Hearing Loss & Lifestyle Needs

    • Trial Suitable Hearing Aids For Peace of Mind

    • Get Hearing Aids that You Enjoy Wearing

    • Review Your Hearing & Hearing Aids Regularly

    • Communicate with Our Caring Audiologist

    To ensure our quality of care, please allow about 90 minutes for our audiologist to carry out a thorough fitting for your hearing aids. Sounds good? Contact us today to book a hearing assessment & hearing aids trial.

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      Hearing Aids Tailored for Your Listening Needs

      If hearing aids can help with your hearing loss, you have a wide range of hearing aids brands, styles and types to choose from. Our audiologist will recommend the most suitable hearing aids for you, according to a range of factors – hearing loss, listening needs and goals, dexterity, cosmetics, lifestyle and budget.

      Independent & Qualified Audiologist

      We pride ourselves on caring, ethical, professional treatment of all audiological issues for all our clients, including pensioners and veterans eligible for Australian Office of Hearing Services Program. No high-pressure sales, no commission. Our main goal is to determine the best hearing solution for your needs.

      Communication with Your Caring Audiologist

      The improved hearing you get from your hearing aids is the result of regular communication with our audiologist. Our caring audiologist's main priority is to ensure that you are comfortable to talk to us about sound quality, volume and comfort, so that we can make your hearing aids perfect for you and your listening needs.

      Ongoing Support & Long Term Care

      We are committed to you and your hearing health. Once you get hearing aids, you will get a review from our audiologist at least once a year, ideally twice a year, for retest of your hearing levels and adjustment of your hearing aids accordingly. This way, you will always be getting the most out of your hearing aids.


      "I went to get a review of my hearing at Ivory Hearing. Much to my delight, I was fitted with new hearing aids and with Shuey's expertise and guidance, my hearing capacity improved dramatically. Thanks again for your kindness and understanding."
      Mr Ron H. from Ringwood East


        "We have been delighted with the professional and friendly smiling service that arrived in Warrandyte when Shuey and DK established Ivory Hearing. Shuey replaced my previous hearing aids with very small but effective new units. Now I wear Shuey’s hearing aids all my waking hours."
        Mr Phil C. from Warrandyte


        "I cannot speak highly enough of the treatment provided by Ivory Hearing. I am so impressed by Shuey’s professionalism when I first got hearing aids. I immediately chose her as my hearing care expert. I strongly recommend Ivory Hearing to anyone needing assistance with hearing."
        Mr Mark H. from Kangaroo Ground


        Hearing Aids Brands

        To ensure your hearing loss gets the best treatment, our audiologist can program all the leading brands of high quality hearing aids: Oticon, Unitron, Phonak, Starkey, Widex, Bernafon, Siemens, Sonic Innovations, GN Resound and Hansaton.


        Oticon (Denmark)


        Phonak (Switzerland)


        Widex (Denmark)


        Siemens (Germany)


        GN ReSound (Denmark)


        Unitron (Canada)


        Starkey (USA)


        Bernafon (Switzerland)

        Sonic Innovation

        Sonic Innovation (USA)


        Hansaton (Germany)

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Q: How much do hearing aids cost?

        A: We strongly believe hearing aids should be accessible and affordable for everyone. While other hearing clinics sell hearing aids for as much as $16k a pair, you can get the most premium hearing aids from us for under $5k each. If you are under budget constraints, you can still get great hearing aids for $1k each. You can also get hearing aids for free if you are an eligible pensioner/veteran. 

          Q: Should I get one or two hearing aids?

          A: When you have hearing loss in both ears,  it is a wise to get a pair of hearing aids. They would make you feel more balanced and even. You will also be able to tell where the sound you hear comes from. If you only help one ear, the other ear tends to deteriorate faster too. That said, our audiologist will always give you the most appropriate suggestion based on your needs.

          Q: What should I expect when getting new hearing aids?

          A: We will help you along the journey. Wearing your new hearing aids regularly is an important step for your hearing rehabilitation. This allows your brain to learn all the new sounds you haven't heard for a long time. After a few weeks, you should be feeling very comfortable with your new hearing aids.

          Q: How long will my hearing aids last?

          Some people still use their same hearing aids for over 10 years because they look after their hearing aids well. You may need to consider two things: out-of-warranty repair cost, and technological advancement. Sometimes it is more worthwhile to get brand new hearing aids with the latest features like smartphone connectivity, than to repair old hearing aids.

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